Why choose Steve Warren?

Laparoscopic Colorectal Training
Laparoscopic Colorectal Training

Why should you choose to see Mr Steve Warren for your Specialist opinion and consultation?

Stephen Warren:

  • is a very experienced General and Colorectal Surgeon who has been practicing specifically Surgery and performing operations since 1987 – 27 years of experience. He has been a Consultant Surgeon since 1999 and many of his referrals come from ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from relatives and friends of previously very satisfied patients
  • keeps careful audit of his results and outcomes and includes all of his private work in annual Appraisals (GMC based licensing of his practice) for scrutiny
  • BMI independent recording of patient satisfaction scores for all private inpatients under Stephen Warren’s care (sample of 231 patients 2011-2012):

2011 (n=121)

ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoor

2012 (n=110)

ExcellentVery GoodGoodAverageUnsatisfactory

and independently commissioned patient satisfaction with Mr Warren’s care overall to colorectal cancer patients (2005 mainly NHS practice)

ExcellentVery GoodGoodAverageUnsatisfactory
  • has an exemplary record for laparoscopic surgery, in terms of:
    • completion of proposed keyhole operations laparoscopically eg. no laparoscopic groin hernias ever converted to open, independent audit of laparoscopic colorectal cancer resections 2011-2012 89% laparoscopic completion rates (including all emergencies), only 3 open conversion of laparoscopic gallbladder removals in all operations since 1999 consultant appointment (just under 1000 cases = 0.3%) when UK National average rate of conversion is 2-3%, no lap appendicectomy open conversions
    • minimum use of small laparoscopic incisions (published audits of Mr Warren’s practice [publications] – only 3 incisions for major rectal resections, only 2 for laparoscopic gallbladder removal, 2 for most simple incisional and umbilical hernias) with consequent advantages of laparoscopy (reduced pain, quicker recovery, less wound complications, better cosmesis)
    • Mr Warren will always try to treat even emergencies laparoscopically (eg patients presenting with small bowel obstruction, appendicitis, perforated peptic ulcers, encarcerated ‘stuck’ hernias, adhesions and some bowel resections) unlike most surgeons
    • a very long experience of laparoscopic surgery (since 1991 in the early UK pioneer days) – see media publications
    • demonstrates ‘live audiovisual video-linked’ difficult laparoscopic cases at National and International Conferences as an ‘Invited Expert’ (linked directly from operating theatres to lecture theatre audiences asking questions)
    • has more than 60 Internationally published articles specifically upon laparoscopic surgery and surgical techniques (publications and International presentations)
  • although Stephen Warren is a surgeon, he does try to avoid operations/investigations if he honestly does not feel that they would be in the patient’s best interests (which is why he insists on Outpatient consultations prior to any discussion or ‘direct booking’ of surgery/investigations)
  • Mr Warren aspires to be as ‘fair and transparent’ as possible (eg. is happy to share complication rates/personal audits for particular operations with patients, all self-funding patients are given approximate likely fees charged by his office before any appointment is booked, he will never operate upon nor see patients outside of his field of expertise, he will not perform any operations/procedures privately which he does not routinely perform within his NHS practice, he will inform patients if this is a relatively rare type of operation, he is happy to arrange ‘second opinions’ for difficult cases, he always discusses all private colorectal/other cancer patients through a multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT) just like NHS cancer patients to ensure they get the best ‘bespoke’ personal cancer care, if when you call for an appointment it sounds as if Mr Warren will not be able to help you then his office will not bring you to an appointment to waste your money/time but direct you towards a more appropriate specialist)
  • during consultations Mr Warren will often say “if you were my mum/dad/brother etc. then I would recommend ………” and treat you accordingly and with the same care and will not do ‘un-necessary tests/investigations/operations
  • Steve Warren’s practice with Kate, Anita, Tracey and Oliver (the team) is extremely efficient and will do everything to help make what may be an anxious time easy, fast, sensitive and especially efficient to reach a speedy conclusion, and if you are ‘new to private healthcare’ will guide you through the process (eg. how to make a private consultation appointment)
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