Below are a few testimonials and comments from patients about their experience with the treatment and service provided by Stephen Warren.

Mr Warren is a very good listener, and asks the right questions. He gives thorough explanations, which he repeats to make sure everything is understood by both the patient and me. He is not hurried and is very approachable with any questions. Altogether a very useful consultation for my husband, and also for taking the time to put me in the picture. And the telephone consultation was on time!

The diagnosis and choices of treatments were straightforward and practical. The likely after effects were realistic and laid out a timetable which proved appropriate.

I found Mr Warren to be patient and happy to take his time to answer all my questions. He explained all options clearly and was keen to ensure I felt happy with my decision. His website is informative and very useful. Mr Warren is a first class surgeon.

I was very happy with my appointment and the follow up endoscopy. I was pleased that Mr Warren agreed to give me sedation for the endoscopy despite the fact that he would much rather have only numbed my throat. The follow up letters were immediate which was excellent and his explanatory phone call was also very good.

I found Mr Warren to be very pleasant and helpful. He was thorough in his exploration of the problem, clear in all his explanations and speedy and efficient in terms of follow up letters and consultation.

I went to Mr Warren after suffering from abdominal pain for sometime and was feeling anxious about my condition. His bedside manner was excellent…..right from the beginning he was extremely attentive and made me feel reassured & at ease. Mr Warren was thorough with his investigations and I felt safe under his care. If I had any worries I could get in touch without a problem. I’m very grateful for his care and professionalism.

Mr. Warren’s explanations are always extremely clear and in plain English, so that you can understand what the challenges are and how they might be treated. He is ready to answer any question and to go over the same questions, to make sure you are both reassured and that you have the confidence to deal with whatever you may be facing, from serious surgery to regular check ups. He connects with patients and understands their thoughts and emotions; he treats the induvial as well as the symptoms.

Very good doctor explains everything so clearly and so approachable.

From my first appointment in outpatients to my telephone appointment (due to covid) after surgery and a day as an inpatient, Mr Warren was friendly and professional, he explained everything really clearly and answered any questions I had fully. He completely put me at ease before the surgery and did not rush me at any of the appointments so I felt I had plenty of time to ask anything I was not sure about.

Very considered in his evaluation, clearly explains pro and cons. Always suggests options on way forward and very professional

Brilliantly professional reflecting excellent social interactive Doctor – patient skills. Always polite and supportive demonstrating almost empathetic understanding helping to put his patients at ease reducing patient stress and anxiety. Outstanding Consultant

My experience with Mr Warren was excellent from start to finish. A very friendly professional gentleman who explained everything very clearly and put me at ease during my procedures. His secretary Emma is lovely too.

Mr Stephen Warren and his whole team including his wonderful secretary Emma have been so amazing through my whole experience with them. Not only were they professional and efficient but were patient and kind which is especially important to me when feeling unwell. Mr Warren has treated several of my family members also and has always maintained this level of service. I really appreciate everything they have done for me and believe this contributed massively to my recovery.

Excellent communication skills. Explains the problem and the treatment pathway, often annotated with a diagram. As a patient understanding the problem and the treatment pathway allows you to relax, a very professional approach.

I was referred to Mr Stephen Warren by my GP following a period of two months when I had been experiencing a twinging pain in the right side of my abdomen and I then developed generalised griping pains which were accompanied by diarrhoea. I was fortunate to be able to make an appointment to see him very quickly. Mr Warren examined my abdomen thoroughly and told me that he could not feel any masses which was very reassuring. He recommended that I had a MRI scan which was performed six days later and I had an appointment two days following this when Mr Warren gave me the results. My experience of seeing Mr Warren was that he gave me complete confidence in his professionalism and knowledge and that whatever the outcome of the examinations I would be in safe hands. The result of the MRI was that there was nothing of a serious nature to concern me and Mr Warren gave me excellent advice in an understanding and caring manner.

Very professional and knowledgeable, would highly recommend

My diagnosis of colon cancer came as a complete shock but Mr. Warren explained everything very carefully and operated successfully within 10 days. All my follow up scans and appointments with him were handled with extreme care and kindness.

Very friendly and approachable manner with clear explanations on all aspects — reasons for symptoms , details of ther procedure and what to expect post-operation and for the following months All consultations were on the telephone due to Covid 19 situation but at no time did I feel a face to face meeting was necessary.

Mr. Warren was extremely pleasant and reassuring. He thoroughly explained everything. I have complete confidence in him and his invaluable advice. Thank you.

Thoroughly appreciated the detailed explanation of not just the procedure but the background to why it is being done and how it may help.

Highly impressed by Mr Warren’s knowledge, patience and thoughtful advice. All options considered and pursued as applicable. What a great listener too. Also very impressed with the wealth of extremely useful information and guidance on Mr Warren’s website

Mr Warren is an excellent consultant. Extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable with a friendly bedside manner. I am very pleased I have been under his care and I highly recommend Mr Warren

I was referred to Mr Warren by another consultant and from the very first meeting I had every confidence in him. He has a friendly but professional manner and always takes time to explain your condition, treatment and test results in a clear and easy to understand way. I would highly recommend him; he made me feel at ease and that I was in a safe and expert hands.

I was referred to Mr Warren by another consultant and from the first appointment had every confidence in him. He has a friendly but professional manner and takes time to explain your condition, the treatment and results of any tests. I would highly recommend him. He makes you feel like you’re in safe and expert hands.

Mr Warren has a good open and friendly manner. He was most through in his examination and the taking of my details of illness. He had blood tests and a CT Scan all completed on the consultation visit. He explained his diagnosis of my illness in a very clear and precise manner. The best thing was that Mr Warren called me within hours of the consultation to explain what the result was, so that I was not left worrying over the weekend. It was a very positive and supportive experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Warren to family or friends.

Mr Warren has a great bedside manner. He put me at ease straightaway and took his time to explain his diagnosis, answering all my questions without making me feel rushed. He (and his PA Emma) are very responsive and professional in their communication and level of service provided. Thank you!

During lockdown I was in extreme pain and tried various home help remedies- unsuccessfully. In desperation I contacted Aviva who arranged an consultation with Mr Warren. Fortunately it was a face to face consultation and he prescribed the correct medication. He explained his diagnosis and talked me through the medication. Within a week I was so much better. I was very embarrassed but he put me at ease . Thank you

Mr Warren spent time listening to my symptoms and understanding my concerns. He gave clear and concise explanations of the possible causes of my pain and how these may be treated. He has an excellent way of communicating with you to ensure that you feel heard, unlike many doctors I have seen. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an empathetic, highly skilled and knowledgeable consultant. In addition, his medical secretary Emma was extremely helpful throughout the process and ensured that I received the consultation letters with amazing speed following meeting with Mr Warren. A fantastic experience all round!

Mr Warren spent time listening to my symptoms and understanding my concerns. He gave clear and concise explanations of the possible causes of my pain and how these may be treated. He has an excellent way of communicating with you to ensure that you feel heard, unlike many doctors I have seen. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an empathetic, highly skilled and knowledgeable consultant. In addition, his medical secretary Emma was extremely helpful throughout the process and ensured that I received the consultation letters with amazing speed following meeting with Mr Warren. A fantastic experience all round!

After my treatment I feel much better and the injection for the haemorrhoid has stopped the bleeding and has virtually disappeared.

Mr Warren welcomed me in a friendly and professional manner. I explained my symptoms while he listened patiently. He explained how he would examine me and put me at ease about the process. After he examined me he carefully explained the possible causes of my symptoms and the way forward. He answered all my questions clearly and patiently. Then, he wrote a prescription for me and carefully explained how I should apply the things he listed. Before I went to see Mr Warren I was in great pain but within 24 hours of seeing him and taking the prescription to the pharmacy I began to feel more comfortable.

Fast, efficient and thorough progress from presentation to surgery, this man is top of his game. He sees the bigger picture and leaves no stone unturned in arriving at the correct diagnosis. Would say I am proud of my scars from his keyhole surgery.. but I can see them anymore. They are tiny and faded. I was sent home from another hospital by a different specialist in his field and told to alter my diet and take paracetamol. I can honestly say Mr Warren probably saved my life with is efficient skilled care.

We were quite anxious when Stanley found out that he had to have a hernia operation. At our first consultation with Mr Warren he immediately put us at ease in carefully explaining the procedure. He told us that he wanted to operate at the Wellington Hospital as it had the back up – should it be needed- we informed him that this hospital was not our plan. He wrote to our GP and cardiologist for the necessary information and was able to get permission to operate at the Wellington. The operation and recovery went well. Mr Warren checked Stanley two and four weeks after the operation. He has a very kind bedside manner. He has a calming way and he listens to you. He explained every step of the way for the procedure. Stanley has low functioning kidneys and he took every precaution for his safety before, during and after the operation. We cannot thank Mr Warren enough.

The care and attention I received from Mr Warren was exceptional from initial consultation through to surgery and post-operative care. His wealth of experience and command of his specialism was evident in the consultations with full, easy to understand explanations of the condition and treatment path including detailed knowledge of research carried out in his field of expertise. I felt that no question was too trivial to ask. I found his bedside manner to be consistently gentle, compassionate and reassuring. Throughout the whole experience with Mr Warren I never felt anything less than being in the best possible hands.

Mr Warren was brilliant from start to finish. He was friendly, helpful and took the time to explain to me what was going on at every stage of my treatment. Stephen Warren was probably the best consultant I have ever had dealings in my 50 years, he is certainly the least arrogant has a brilliant calm manner when dealing with me. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Stephen Warren as a brilliant physician, who I know made sure I got the very best of care.

Procedure very clearly explained throughout and my experience matched what was expected and explained. I have followed Mr Warren’s advice after the procedure and have not experienced any problem or difficulty. The entire process from first consultation to the last was very straightforward, smooth and trouble free.

I am extremely satisfied with the treatment I received from Mr.Warren. He dealt with my issues very well and kept me informed along the way. He is a very kind, re-assuring and genuinely a nice person and exactly what you need when you have a health concern. I would recommend Mr.Warren to anyone with any bowel issues.

I feel Mr Warren is a very good Surgeon and knows his stuff, says it how it is and and explains everything in layman’s terms. He also has a sense off humour which is also nice when needed.

Mr Warren is very knowledgeable, kind and explains procedures clearly and listens to any type of concern that arises. He puts you at ease and is very thorough.

Mr Stephen Warren is a consultant. Who makes the patient feel at.ease very quickly. He is thorough and efficient and is aware of his patients’ worries and possible fears early on in the consultation. He is a surgeon but is a believer in natural remedies for gut problems of which he is an expert. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a first class Consultant Surgeon in his particular field of ???? and his knowledge of natural medicine is very helpful.

Sadly (for me!) Mr Warren was not the first, second or even third doctor I had had to see for this condition. He was not even the first consultant within the same department at the same (private) hospital! Thankfully (again for me) I’m thrilled to say that he was the last. A horrible medical issue that had plagued me for years and had, for over half a year, been such an interruption to my daily that it had made each day a true misery is, thanks EXCLUSIVELY to him, finally in my rear view mirror, it would seem. Thoroughly personable, good bedside manner, explanations, all of that, certainly, but truthfully that is all insignificant bluster in the great scheme of things. Efficacy is ultimately the be-all and end-all and that is what he was able to offer, that it would appear few others were. Certainly none that I got to see, either through the NHS or privately.

Dr Warren and his team have performed surgery on me in November 2019. I am very pleased with the results and the whole experience; he’s very knowledgeable and patient, and does not mind having to explain the various options in detail. I’m also very happy with the results of the operation and would not hesitate to recommend Dr Warren to anyone in need of his services.

Mr Warren is a great doctor. I have seen Mr Warren on a few separate occasions and his diagnosis always comes with a detailed and easy to digest explanation, which is well received. He performed a key hole appendectomy for me around 10 years ago and the scar was minimal post-surgery and is almost non-existent now. I would recommend Mr Warren to anybody and everybody!

Mr Warren has been my consultant now for 20years and has saved my life with his expertise for which I and my family are duly grateful. He is very caring and explains everything that he is proposing to do very clearly.