Uninsured Self-funding Patients:

Stephen Warren likes to be as clear and transparent about his fees as is possible, as private medicine for uninsured self-funding patients can be extremely expensive.

Where possible, when you phone to make an appointment, his office will give you an approximate estimate of costs – both of the consultation and likely subsequent investigations or operation if this can be predicted (understandably not always possible). You will also be advised of any additional costs which The Hospital might charge at your consultation for disposables used during procedures/ tests in addition to Mr Warren’s fees for performing these procedures.

Mr Warren’s fees are standard charges for consultations and procedures/operations as advised by average healthcare providers and are not excessive nor unusual for expert consultations, though private medicine is generally expensive. New patient consultations are from £250 and follow-up consultations £200.


Insured Patients:

Mr Warren is registered as a Provider with all the major health insurance companies below, and with those which give Provider Numbers this guarantees that Mr Warren is specially registered with them and thus stays within their suggested fee schedules, so that you as patients do not have any additional payments (above any excesses that you/your employer/the policyholder may have negotiated to keep monthly premiums to a minimum).

Please note that all insurance companies DO NOT charge/pay similar fee schedules and have different terms and numerous slightly different policies. It is always recommended that you check your level of cover and any excess payments for your specific policy with your healthcare provider (click how to make an appointment)

So long as you have a claim reference number or pre-authorisation number when you attend your initial appointment, then Mr Warren’s office will bill your healthcare insurance company directly, otherwise you will be liable for any bill as would an un-insured self-funding patient (click how to make an appointment).

Stephen Warren is registered as an approved provider with the following healthcare insurance providers: